Sunday Morning Bible Study

Bible Studies for All Ages

There is no need to pre-register, just go to one of these classes. You are always welcome to enroll in the class or just sit in to preview the class.


A warm fellowship of folks, focusing on a chosen book of the Bible, verse by verse.

Room: Chapel Room 4

Facilitator(s): Craig Mitchell

Women with Purpose

A welcoming group of women, single and married, who engage in topical studies, related to their lives, with Biblical applications and answers.

Room: A-9

Facilitator(s): Anne Henderson

Senior Adults (Combined Class)

A mixed group of seniors delving into each study that helps one understand the Bible passage and how it relates to the whole Bible.

Room: Multi-Purpose Room

Facilitator(s): John Markano

Senior Adults (Women's Class)

This women's class is a delightful group of senior ladies, exploring the Bible in its context in order to know it better.

Room: G-4

Facilitator(s): Cindy White

Covenant Keepers

A young parents' group delving into topics about marriage and parenting.

Room: A-11

Facilitator(s): Rick and Ruth Long

Bible Book Class

An in-depth study of individual books of the Bible, sprinkled with videos, graphics, and open discussions.

Room: A-6

Facilitator(s): Rob Ostrom

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

This Bible study aid will help you grasp the big picture of scripture with chapters completed in one hour or less.

Room: A-8

Facilitator(s): Ron Merrit

Sr. High and Jr. High

Bible Study Hour

Room: Sr. & Jr. High Assemby Rooms

Facilitator(s): Pastor Nathan Webb

Children's Bible Study Hour

1st through 5th Grade Sunday School

Room: Children's Department

Children's Bible Study Hour

Infant through four years Sunday School

Room: Preschool Department

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