Deacon Ministry


Serving the Lord by conducting the caring ministry of the church.


What the Deacons do:      

The Deacons work with the Pastors of Immanuel and perform some of their duties when called upon. They make visits in the hospital, visit potential new members, head up committees, etc. The Deacons also lift up our Pastors in prayer, are their verbal cheerleaders in private and in public, and support them in their vision. The Pastors also bring ideas or problems to the Deacons as a sounding board.

The Deacons work alongside the Sunday School Teachers to minister to the needs of members of the class. The Deacon can be the relay station of the ministries that Immanuel offers, seeing a need and engaging a specific ministry to help out when needed. Or he can take care of the need himself, whichever is appropriate.

How the Deacons accomplish some of their ministry:

The Deacons have set up Deacon Ministry teams, with three Deacons on each team. These teams are:

What the Deacons offer:

For more information contact:

Doug Cole, Chairman

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