Sunday Morning Bible Study

Bible studies for all ages

There is no need to pre-register, just go to one of these classes. You are always welcome to enroll in the class or just sit in to preview the class.


A warm fellowship of folks, focusing on a chosen book of the Bible, verse by verse.

Room: Chapel Room 4

Facilitator(s): Fred Bisaro

Women of Purpose

A welcoming group of women, single and married, who engage in topical studies, related to their lives, with Biblical applications and answers.

Room: A-8

Facilitator(s): Alice Hibbs

Senior Adults (Combined Class)

A mixed group of seniors delving into each study that helps one understand the Bible passage and how it relates to the whole Bible.

Room: Multi-Purpose Room

Facilitator(s): John Markano

Senior Adults (Women's Class)

This women's class is a delightful group of senior ladies, exploring the Bible in its context in order to know it better.

Room: G-4

Facilitator(s): Johnnie Maschhoff

Bible Book Class

An in-depth study of individual books of the Bible, sprinkled with videos, graphics, and open discussions.

Room: A-6

Facilitator(s): Rob Ostrom

Step by Step through the New Testament

Room: A-11

Facilitator(s): Ron Merrit

Sr. High and Jr. High

Bible Study Hour

Room: Sr. & Jr. High Assemby Rooms

Facilitator(s): Pastor Nathan Webb

Children's Bible Study Hour

Preschool through 5th Grade Sunday School

Children's Bible Study Hour

Infant Nursery

Our mission is to know and follow Jesus Christ and make Him known to all people.
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