Christian Education Opportunities

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Not to be confused with the program for the formal education of youth from grades K4 to 12, which can be reached by clicking here, this ministry is aimed at providing continual Christian educational opportunities for the youth, for the adults, and for the senior adults for the church and for the community at large.

Our educational opportunities are segmented into three categories: Sunday School/Bible studies, College of Christian learning, and Membership classes.

Sunday School/Bible Studies

Classes are offered Sundays and generally are studies and teachings directly from the Bible. All classes are Bible study classes which range from in-depth book by book study, to topical studies, to survey classes. Fellowship, discussion, and prayerful considerations are also typically included in these classes.

Wednesday Night at Immanuel

Classes are offered for special topical studies such as Church History, the Lord's prayer in-depth, Studying the Bible, Spiritual Gifts, etc.

Membership and Christian Growth

The Membership class(101) is taught by the Pastors. It overviews the purposes of why our church exists and what we are attempting to accomplish. You will discover the essentials of our faith, what it means to be a Christian, what we practice as a church and what we expect of its members. From the Membership class we courage our members to continue on their Christian growth by completing classes 201, 301, and 401. You will learn how to grow as a believer, discover your uniqueness for ministry, and learn how to share your faith in a relational way.

Our mission is to know and follow Jesus Christ and make Him known to all people.
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